Innovation Arcade

Submit your demonstration proposal

Does your organization have innovative IT to demonstrate at the 2019 Government Innovation Awards?

GCN, FCW, Washington Technology and Defense Systems are seeking hands-on examples of the technologies that are transforming the public sector.

The selection criteria for these Innovation Arcade demonstrations is simple:

1. The technology in question must have direct applicability for government missions; and

2. The demonstration must be truly interactive for the Government Innovation Award winners and other attendees exploring the arcade at the Nov. 8 event.

All federal, state and local government agencies interested in showcasing their transformative technologies are encouraged to apply -- there is no charge for government innovators to participate. Private-sector firms are also welcome to showcase their tech in the Innovation Arcade, but those seeking to participate without a government partner must be a Government Innovation Awards sponsor to be considered.

In all cases, our editors must approve the technologies included in the Innovation Arcade. Space is limited, and not all innovative IT is appropriate for this in-person demonstration. 1105 Media reserves the right to reject an application for lack of interactivity or other reasons.

Click here to submit your demonstration proposal.