Rising Stars

Submit a Nomination

Top leaders are important, but it’s the rank-and-file talent that truly drives innovation in government. And for the 2018 Rising Star awards, we’d like your help in finding the individuals who are doing great things today — and who are likely to be filling the senior slots tomorrow.

The trick, of course, is knowing where to look because those people are often in the background, making their bosses look good.

Not sure who qualifies as a Rising Star? We’re looking for early-career phenoms whose leadership, innovation and all-around extra effort are having a powerful and positive impact on federal IT.

Here are five points to remember:

  • Anyone in the federal IT community is eligible: military and civilian, career and political, contractor, academic and association expert alike.
  • Winners go above and beyond — whatever their level or rank. A fancy job title is not required, and just doing one’s job well is not enough.
  • You can make multiple nominations. Do so early and often.
  • Impact matters. The judges need to know not only what a nominee did but also what all that work accomplished.
  • Age does not matter, but nominees must be less than 10 years into their work in the federal IT community.

Nominations are due July 6.  So if you know someone — or several someones — who should be considered, nominate him or her today!