Industry Innovators

Submit a Nomination

The Industry Innovator awards recognize private-sector companies' vital role in the government IT community. These awards are not for specific agency initiatives, but rather for companies' broader contributions and leadership. 

So please tell us how the company in question is driving innovation in the government market in 2019. The nomination form calls out six specific technology areas (AI, Analytics and Automation; Cybersecurity; Cloud and Infrastructure; Digital Transformation; IoT and Smart Cities; and Unmanned Systems), but the nominated company's work can be in any corner of government IT.

Any company supporting the public sector is eligible for a 2019 Industry Innovator award. Winners will be selected based on three core criteria:

  • Tangible evidence of the efforts that are driving innovation in this space. This includes, but is not limited to, internal investments, acquisitions, partnerships or alliances, relevant patents and key contract wins.
  • The innovative solution itself -- both the technology involved and how the company is leveraging it.
  • The mission impact. What are the problems or challenges that government customers need to solve, and how is this innovative company helping to address those challenges?

Industry is the engine that powers so many government innovations, and rarely gets its share of the spotlight. Please submit yours today, and make sure Industry Innovators get the credit they deserve!